Electric Scissor Lifts

We have an extensive array of electric scissor lifts that are ideal for a range of outdoor terrains and general indoor environments.

You can hire electric scissor lifts from us for maintenance jobs, building works, interior decoration of large buildings, as well as work in quiet environments like office buildings, schools and hotels.

We provide scissor lifts starting at 3 metres and extending all the way to 30 metres, making them some of the tallest on the market.

Our range includes diesel lifts, as well as environmentally friendly bi-energy and electric scissor lifts.

We stock several high quality brands including Holland Lift,  Dingli, JLG, Genie, MEC, Skyjack, PB, Combistar and Megastar. Our models include SJ3226, GS2646 and SJ3226 and 1412DC.


We understand how important it is to have a scissor lift that boosts productivity but is also safe and comfortable to use. That’s why we have selected a range of scissor lifts with features designed to cater to these needs.

These features include:

  • Lightweight designs so you can access areas where heavier lifts aren’t permitted
  • Tilt level sensors for added safety when doing tasks like unloading
  • Folding rails so height can be reduced when necessary
  • Non-marking tyres for clean indoor environments
  • Narrow designs to fit tight, confined spaces
  • Large platform areas for operator comfort
  • Generous roll-out deck extensions
  • Automatic pothole protection
  • Automatic battery chargers
  • Rough terrain suitability
  • Power to the basket
  • Long battery life
  • Variable speeds

As we’re an IPAF and PASMA provider, we also offer a range of different training courses.

Did you know we deliver nationwide? If you are interested in powered access hire then simply get in touch and a member of our knowledgeable team will talk you through your options.

20.5m Electric Scissor Lift (PB S225-12ES)

Full Details

19.4m Narrow Scissor Lift (Holland Lift N-195)

Ref: S78 Full Details

17.6m Electric Scissor Lift (PB S195-12ES)

Full Details

16.5m Electric Scissor Lift (Holland Lift N-165)

Ref: S77 Full Details

13.7m Electric Scissor Lift (Dingli JCPT 1612DCB)

Full Details

13.7m Electric Scissor Lift (Dingli 1612DC)

Ref: S74 Full Details

11.8m Electric Scissor Lift (Dingli JCPT1412DC)

Full Details

11.75m Electric Scissor Lift (Genie GS-4047)

Ref: S70 Full Details

9.75m Electric Scissor Lift (Genie GS-3232)

Ref: S722 Full Details

9.75m Electric Scissor Lift (Genie GS-3246)

Ref: S72 Full Details

9.75m Electric Scissor Lift (Skyjack SJ4632)

Ref: S72 Full Details

9.68m Electric Scissor Lift (JLG 3246ES)

Ref: S72 Full Details

8.15m Electric Scissor Lift (Haulotte Compact10)

Ref: S72 Full Details

7.92m Electric Scissor Lift (Genie GS-2646)

Ref: S710 Full Details

7.92m JLG Electric Scissor Lift (2646ES)

Ref: S710 Full Details

7.92m Indoor Electric Scissor Lift (Genie GS-2632)

Ref: S710 Full Details

7.9m Skyjack Narrow Scissor Lift (SJ3226)

Ref: S710 Full Details

7.7m Electric Scissor Lift (JLG 2630ES)

Ref: S71 Full Details

6.1m Electric Scissor Lift (Genie GS-2032)

Ref: S69 Full Details

6.1m JLG Narrow Scissor Lift (2030ES)

Ref: S69 Full Details

6.1m Narrow Scissor Lift (MEC 2033ES)

Full Details

5.8m Electric Scissor Lift (Dingli 0807DC)

Ref: S685 Full Details

5.8m Skyjack SJ3219 Scissor Lift

Ref: S685 Full Details

5.79m Electric Scissor Lift (Genie GS-1932)

Ref: S685 Full Details

5.79m Indoor Electric Scissor Lift (Genie GS-1930)

Ref: S686 Full Details

5.72m JLG 1930ES Electric Scissor Lift

Ref: S686 Full Details

3.6m Self-Propelled Scissor Lift (Dingli JCPT0607DCS)

Ref: Ref: S66 Full Details

3m Electric Scissor Lift (Dingli JCPT 0507 DC)

Ref: S66 Full Details