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Mainline Scissor Lifts help film blockbuster Jason Statham movie…

Posted September 19, 2016

Cameras are rolling at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire where they’re busy filming the latest Transporter movie starring Jason Statham.

Two of our large scissor lifts were delivered to the set on Sunday to help the cameras film from a great height.  The 25 metre Diesel Holland Lift is ideal as it provides both the height and the platform space to hold all the cameras and recording gear.

We also sent our 25 metre Holland Lift Combistar which is a hybrid machine so it can be used inside without creating any fumes.  Both machines have a platform weight capacity of a tonne which equates to four people and 680 kilos of equipment.  Between the two machines the crew could get all the angles required to make a great action movie.

We’re very excited to be involved in the filming of this blockbuster and can’t wait to see it at the cinema!

Here’s one of the Mainline scissor lifts being delivered to Blenheim Palace

Here we see the huge platform of the the 25 metre scissor lifts passing through the gilded doors into the Palace

Jason Statham in an action shot from Transporter 3.